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Thursday, November 24, 2005

AMW participation on November 26-27 conferences weekend

On Saturday November 26, AMW's Sami Ramadani and Tahrir Swift are speaking at the Iraq Occupation Focus international teach-in entitled "Voices From Occupied Iraq". Details are at:

Also on November 26, AMW advisor Dr. Karma Nabulsi is speaking at a conference entitled "The Question of Palestine in International Law". The subject of her talk is "The International and National Rights of Palestinian Refugees".

AMW patron Dr. Ghada Karmi is chairing a session at the same conference on November 27. Details are at:

Also on November 27, AMW chairman Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi is speaking at the Young Fabians' conference entitled "Labour's Relationship With Israel/Palestine: The Conflict and Beyond". The subject of his talk is "Political Developments Since the Death of Yasser Arafat". Details are at: